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Fishing Day 2 with Bob and Bruce Brenton, 10/4/2022

by Capt Juls on 10/04/22

Yesterday, we started Bob and Bruce's 4 day perch trip out of Catawba, since there was still a NE wind, so we could stay in more protected water. The water was dirty, and the fishing was very slow. We managed only 20 perch yesterday.

When I woke up early this morning, Dexter, the three cats, and I all went out on the back deck to check the weather for the day. As I sipped my coffee, and they munched on treats, I checked the wind, weather, and wave apps.  They all showed it was going to be a very nice day today. 

The wind was forecast for less than 10mph out of the north, and lots of sunshine later in the day. The morning started out with partly cloudy skies, so the sunrise was spectacular, with dark oranges, reds, and yellows as the sun peaked its sunny face over the horizon.

We had picked up some Emerald Shiners at Hi Way Bait, before making our way over to Mazurik's. 
For anyone that doesn't know yet, the road to Mazurik's from 163 is closed right now, due to a Roundabout being put in at that intersection.  
To get to Mazurik's from the other way, you need to keep going straight on 163, towards Marblehead/Lakeside, and turn left on the road that's just past the high school.  I don't know the name of the road, but it's the first left past the school's parking lot.  Go to the first stop sign and turn left, again.  Mazurik's will be down on the right, just past the curve in the road. :)

I hadn't been there for several months, and was pleasantly surprised to see the work crews there putting in the foundation for a new bathroom and fish cleaning station. I don't know when it will be done, but it's a lot further than I thought it would be, since they seem to be taking their old sweet time on the fish cleaning station at Huron. I'll betcha Mazurik's gets done before Huron, but that's just a guess. 

We launched at 7:15 and headed NE to the north side of Kelly's, and looked for some perch, to set up on.  Once we marked what I thought were good perch on the Helix, the Ulterra was deployed and the Spot Lock engaged. We didn't  move the rest of the trip. We had found some.

While it wasn't a fast bite, the quality of fish was amazing. I told Bob and Bruce on the way up there, that "If they are here, they will usually be the bigger ones" Bob smiled and said excitedly, "I hope they're here!"

The first 10 minutes were a bust...nothing. I was getting ready to say, "Let's move", but just as I thought that, I got a bite. I pulled a 12 inch perch over the side, and their eyes lit up with delight, and they started getting excited.  A couple more nice fish were brought in, so we decided to just grind it out right there for the rest of the trip. 

I got a bite and set the hook. Bruce said, "That's a big must be a walleye or sheephead". I didn't think it was, but I didn't want to say anything, because while it was fighting like a perch, it was definitely bigger than any perch I'm used to catching. 
When this 14 1/4" behemoth came over the side with the help of my "handlining skills"...they both started hooping and hollering with amazement. It was the biggest perch either of them have ever seen.  It wasn't just the length, but the girth of that piggy perch that amazed us.
It was declared at Port Clinton Fish Co, that it was 1.45 pounds, and the biggest perch brought into their shop this season! And, they clean fish from the nets on a regular basis, so that's saying a lot. The guys there even wanted pictures of it. lol
I was sitting out in my truck waiting on them, so I was told all this after Bruce came back out with my cooler.

They asked Bruce, "Don't you want to get this one mounted?", and he replied, "Well, it's not my fish"...then, went on to explain that he and his brother were fishing with a "Charter Capt".  When he told me that, I laughed and said, "Why didn't you tell them you were fishing with me? They all know me."  He said, "I'm sorry, I was a little excited talking to everyone, and it didn't come out". "That's okay", I said..."I understand".  But, then, as I drove home, I thought, "Shoot! I SHOULD have gotten that one mounted." Oops! Oh, well....maybe we'll get another one tomorrow. Ya never know!

We will be heading back to the same spot tomorrow, to see if we can entice another cooler full of piggy perch to bite our minnows.

The wind forecast for tomorrow is 5-6mph out of the west, with lots of sunshine again, so it should be another fun trip.

I am absolutely loving this new Vexus DVX22. The ride, the layout, fit and finish, and the comfort level is all top-notch and well-thought-out by the designers. I couldn't be happier! My customers are loving it too. Thank you, Vexus Team! :)

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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