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Fishing Day 3 with Bob and Bruce Brenton 10/5/2022

by Capt Juls on 10/05/22

Picked my crew up from the White Caps Motel at 6:30 and headed to Hi Way Bait to get some Emerald Shiners, before heading to Mazurik's, to launch.

We launched and headed back to where we were yesterday, on the north side of Kelly's. The bite was slower, and the perch were smaller than yesterday, so we picked up after three hours, and headed NW to find some rock piles with fish holding on them. 

We found some rocks, but not a lot of marks showing up on the, we kept driving, slowly, with the Ulterra down, so it would be ready to Spot Lock as soon as we marked something worth fishing over.

Once we found some decent marks, we set up, and got back to fishing. It took about 15 minutes before the first bite happened, ( I was just getting ready to say, "Let's move"),  but it was a good one. It was 12 1/2 inches, so that got Bob and Bruce excited, and they wanted to stay there. All the fish in that spot were 11-13 inches, except for maybe 3 or 4 that went around 8 inches. 

I think, between both spots, I caught 6 sheephead, with one that was well over 10 pounds, but I didn't weigh it, so it's only a guess.  But, if you see the picture in my photo album, I think you'll agree. :)

We ended with 44 perch that went 21 pounds at the cleaners, so that's a .47 perch to a pound. Yesterday's 66 perch were 26 pounds and only .39 perch to a pound, so today's catch was definitely bigger, and that's what Bob and Bruce are looking for. 

We'll be heading out tomorrow an hour later, because the early morning bite isn't as good as it is from 10-2. Hopefully, we can limit tomorrow, but they'll be happy with whatever we catch. It's going to be a nice day again, before another big blow comes in on Friday, along with a cold front.

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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