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Fishing Day Two with David and Jeff 8/23/2020

by Capt Juls on 08/23/20

Since my guys showed up a half hour early yesterday, this morning I hit Mazurik's an hour early, so I had time to get things ready and wipe down the boat. It was too hot yesterday when I got home and I neglected that task. I had a brand new bottle of Lucus Spray Mist in the back compartment of the Ranger, but when I pulled it out, it was empty. Arrrrgghhh! It must have had a leak in the cap and emptied itself as it laid on the bottom of the box. I had enough for one or two squirts, which was what was probably still in the spray-nozzle hose thingy.  I sprayed the towel with it, so I could wipe the windshield off at least. lol

Anyway, they showed up even earlier than yesterday, so we hit the water in the 5:35 to be exact. The eastern sky was just starting to lighten as we arrived to our spot that we fished yesterday. The Ulterra and the baby ETEC were deployed and set in motion to move us from west to east at a speed of 2.5mph. 

The winds were light out of the southwest at about 7mph, the air temp was 68 degrees, and the lake was quiet. The waves were 6 inches or less. We used our phone flashlights to see the dipsey rods after we got them set out.

After about 15 minutes into the troll we were able to see well enough to put the Off Shore boards out too.

We set out the program we had yesterday, but this time we used all Bandits:
Bandits behind boards with 2oz weights clipped on at 50' and then let out to a total of 113, 117, 120, and 130 feet, before the board was put on. 
Colors that caught were Green Clown (had two of those out and both caught), Chart/Black Stripes, and Buck Fever.

Dipsies were set on the 1 and 3 settings. 
The 1 settings were at 54 and 64. 
The 3 settings were at 75 and 100. 
3 spoons and 1 black/chrome Ripplin Redfin.
They all caught several fish. 

The bite was a little more steady this morning than it was yesterday. We had 10 by 7:15 and then our limit of 18 by 8:30. Yesterday, it seemed like the bite shut off at 8am, but this morning it kept going....yay!

This morning was a fun adventure. It was more relaxing for me, and I'm sure for them also, since they already knew the routine and how to work with the equipment. They did a great job getting fish into the boat and were once again rewarded with a nice cooler of walleye to take home. Today's fish all averaged just a little bigger than yesterday's too.

They are already planning on coming back in the spring to fish with me, and that makes me happy. :)

Tomorrow's trip is with three fellas that came out a few weeks ago, but got blown off, so we're going to give it another try. We won't be launching until 6:30 (hopefully), because one of them is driving in from the Cleveland area, so it will depend on traffic on a Monday morning. 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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