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Fishing with David and Jeff 8/22/2020

by Capt Juls on 08/22/20

How am I getting so lucky with customers arriving at the ramp early? I showed up 25 minutes before I told them to show up and they were pulling in just in front of me at Mazurik's this morning. lol  I like it! :)

We launched at 6am, just as the sky was beginning to lighten to the east, and headed north. The Helix showed us some fish down below in the deep water, so we set up with two Off Shore boards on each side and two dipsies on each side. 

Bandits ran behind the boards on the port side with 2oz weights at 50/75 and 50/65, and Reef Runner Mag 44's ran on the starboard side with no weight at 120 back and 90 back. Bandit colors were the Red Headed Wonderbread and Green Clown and the Mag colors were Red Headed Wonderbread and Gold Chrome. All but the Gold Chrome (that one was the 90 back) caught a fish.

The dipsies definitely did better, and were set on the 1 and 3 settings. 1 settings were at 48 and 54 to start and the 3 settings were at 75. The 3 setting on the port side ran a Ripplin Red Fin in a Red/Chart clown color, and the 1 setting had a Red Headed Wonderbread Scorpion spoon. 

The starboard side ran two was a green and silver combo and the other was a spoon I don't know the name of, or the color, but it was copper with orange/black/and a bit of chart and more of a teardrop shape. 
When the Ripplin Redfin took a few fish we switched up the other dipsies to all Ripplin's, and caught more fish. 

We had 8 in the box by 8-8:30ish and then the bite just died, so we made a few adjustments (deeper) and eventually started picking them up again. We kept 17, let one keeper go to get bigger, and lost a couple nice ones at the back of the boat.  So, it was a much better catching day than it was yesterday.

David and Jeff had a good time, learned a ton, and will be fishing with me again tomorrow. So, tomorrow should be easier, if they can remember how to do everything.  They had a lot of practice today, so I'm guessing they will remember. They did a great job and were rewarded with a nice cooler of fat and sassy walleye to take home to their wives for a yummy fish fry. 

Tomorrow's weather looks to be a continuation of today's good weather with just a little more wind, which should help.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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