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Fishing with Al, John, and "Fred" 6/8/2021

by Capt Juls on 06/08/21

I met my crew at Mazurik's at 5:15 and headed north out of the launch at 5:30. It was a warm and humid morning, after yesterday's storms, with a partly cloudy sky. The air temp was near 70 degrees. The wind forecast was calling for very light winds out of the SW, so the lake was pleasantly flat on our ride out.

We made it up to the line and set up with Flicker Minnow 11's running 60', 50', 45', and 40' behind Off Shore boards.  Dipsies were running on both corners with two rods on each side. The inside rod was on the zero setting at 31 back on the port side, and the 1 setting at 45 back on the starboard side.
The two longer "outside" dipsies were set on the 3 setting running at 47 and 60 back.

Speed was 2.0-2.4 mph while I tried to dial it in.   We hit fish pretty fast in the morning, but mostly shorts. We kept 3 eaters in that spot. After the pack showed up, and the sun came up, it slowed right down, so we picked up to move west of North Bass, and see if there was a better bite over there. There wasn't.

Then, Al said, "We don't really care about taking any more fish, we caught enough yesterday, we just want to learn how you do things."  I wished I had known that much earlier in the morning, before I used up 16 gallons of gas, because I could have gone 4 miles from the launch and done that. lol  

Anyway, I took them to where I ended up yesterday, and we got into a steady bite. And, between reeling in small fish, sheephead, and blobs of weeds that decided to attach themselves to the lures or the boards...we caught some "good eaters" to add to their freezers.

Al, John, and Fred did a good job trying to set lines. Al said he learned a lot, and appreciated my "stern directions"...Heheh  He said he will be taking his education and applying to his own trolling endeavors back home in Wisconsin. :)

If the guy in the boat, that said he didn't take my planer board, after it came off and floated away, while we tried to pick everything up to go after it....I hope Karma only allows Sheephead to bite your lures for the rest of your life! You are not a good human. Shame on you.

Tomorrow, I'm back with Mark and Patty Leucht (my customers from Sunday and Monday of this week).
Mark said he's making breakfast burritos for the three of us, so that is something to look forward to in the morning. 
And, the best part is....they are already "trained", so I just need to have a day where I don't have to say, "I should have turned right, instead of turning left"! Fingers crossed! 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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