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Fishing with Brad, John, and Charlie 5/28/2022

by Capt Juls on 05/28/22

Being a Saturday on Memorial Day weekend, I thought I'd better get to Mazurik's early. After gassing up the boat, and getting ice for the cooler, I arrived at the launch just before 5am.  There were already boats launching in the dark, and there was only one boat in front of me in the get ready lane, and almost ready to go,  so I waited for them to move, so I could move forward and make room for those coming in behind me, before I climbed up in my own boat.

Brad, John, and Charlie each have their own boats, but they all fish and hunt together. They just switch out whose boat they will take each weekend.  This trip was a learning trip, like yesterday's. They like to troll, but get tangles...a lot. So, they wanted to learn how to do it with less tangles, and see how I do it.  

This was an easy trip for me, since they already knew how to run dipsies. I gave them a little instruction, after seeing how they do things, and they were working them like champs in no time.  

Brad said he mostly has trouble with setting and reeling in inline planer boards, so I explained to them, while they did it hands on, how I set, retrieve, and set the Off Shore boards back out into their original positions...without tangles.  Letting them do it, gives them the ability to remember it, and gives them the confidence they need to get the job done.

We fished the South Passage again, and had the same results, running the same program as yesterday. Spoons and Bandits. Spoons on the dipsies and the Bandits behind the Off Shore boards.

Scorpion Stinger, Yeck, and BadMo spoons behind dipsies set on the zero and two settings worked the best.  The zero setting was set at 25 and 27 for a couple of hours, or until the bite at that depth changed, and we lowered them to 35 feet back. The two settings were set at 35 and 37 to start, and then to 55 back later on. 

Bandits behind the boards were set at 40, 50, and 60 on the port side and 40, 50, and 70 on the starboard side.

Colors that worked today were:
Blue Chrome (stock color)
Whiskey and Water (custom by SlimShadyCustoms .com)
Chrome Furmi-Nuff (SlimShadyCustoms .com)
Green Lantern  (SlimShadyCustoms .com)
"John's a Dick" (hehehe)  This one was given to me this morning, from Brad. He painted it, and when I asked him what the name of the color was, that's what he told me...."John's a Dick" (John of course was fishing with us). It made me laugh. There's a story behind the name, but I don't remember the details, so I'll refrain from telling it. :)

Target Speed was 2.5mph, but with the wind/waves and wake/waves...the speed was all over the place. From 1.9 to 3.0mph. They hit when it was fast as 3.0 and as slow as 1.9, so don't worry too much about speed right now. If you put a bait in front of them, they will eat it.

My guys had a good time and learned what they needed to learn, so that makes me happy...:)

Tomorrow, I have Jimmie Perkins and his crew. I hope the bite continues like this for a while. It's a lot of fun! 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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