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Fishing with Jimmie and Kayton 5/29/2022

by Capt Juls on 05/29/22

My West Virginia crew was ready and waiting, when I pulled into the White Caps Motel at 4:25, this morning.  It was supposed to be Jimmie, his wife, and his daughter, but his wife wasn't feeling good this morning, so she stayed on shore. I would just have Jimmie and Kayton today.

We launched out of Mazurik's at 5am. It was still very dark, but by the time I had the motor up to temp, it was getting light enough to see the waves, so we headed out to my spot from the day before.

We made a pass through there, but the size of the fish has shrunk, considerably, so we adjusted the Ulterra's direction to the north, holding to the 26-28' contours, hoping to find a better grade.  We went through so many little bitty biters, that I lost count. 

It's nice to see the fishery plentiful with all sizes out there, right now, and I'm happy to see the little buggers. They all get kisses before they go back...for being so brave and going after baits almost as big, if not bigger, than them. 
But, I'm sure we will start hearing the complaining about catching so many little fish... but, everyone has to remember, those little fish will be really FINE fish in 5 to 7 years. So, please handle with care, and be careful with their little lips. :)

We poked some lips, with the spoons running behind size 1 dipsies (with ring), on the zero and two settings.  Zero started at 25 and 27, but was later moved to 35' back.
The two settings started out at 35 and 37, but were adjusted to 47 and 50' back.
Silver hammered, with one blue edge, was a hot color for the biggest of the small fish, that we caught. Most were 16-17 inches, with a couple of larger ones in there. 
Speed was 2.5mph.

We started out, just running 4 dipsies. If the previous two days' fishing was any indication of how fast it would be this morning, I would have guessed we would have been done by 7:30. So, I only wanted to run 4 rods, because we only needed 18 fish today. There's no need for fire drills, with a lot of rods, just to see how fast we can get it done. It was manageable for the two of them, and there wasn't any chaos, except for maybe having to net a second fish in the same net as the first one, because they came in at the same time. :)

It was a good bite very early. We went through a lot of fish, but had only kept 10, when the bite slowed down.  I eventually put 2 Bandits on each side of the boat, and they pulled 2 fish in the short time that they were out. Both, that caught, were 40 back, behind the Off Shore boards. We didn't get many hits on the Bandits, but in their defense, they weren't out for very long. However, they did catch the two bigger fish that were in the cooler.

We caught a sheephead, a white bass, and 2 white perch today also. That's only the second, or third, sheephead for me this season. But, for the most's all walleye right now, out on the big lake.

Jimmie and Kayton had fun, made some memories, and did a great job manning those dipsey rods. It was obvious to me, that they do a lot of fishing together. I only gave them quick instruction on the setting and retrieving of the dipsies, and they picked up on it, really quick. That made my morning pretty easy, and that makes me happy! lol

Kayton is studying to be a doctor, and just finished her first year of college. You can see the pride, in Jimmie's eyes, when he talks about his daughter, too. They were fun to fish with, and were really down to earth folks, who I would love to fish with again some day. I wish, for Kayton, much success on her journey to becoming a doctor. You Go Girl... :)

Tomorrow, I have an island pick up at times. 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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