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Fishing with Capt Jenn and Capt Eric 11/26/19

by Capt Juls on 11/26/19

Today, I took Capt Jenn Wieland and Capt Eric Litton out for a day of Brawl'n and just plain old "fun fishing".

Jenn met me at my house and we drove over to Anchors Away Marina, where my Ranger is happily sitting in heated storage, to pick it up and go gas her up. We stopped in Hi Way Bait to see if they had a Bandit color I was looking for to replace one I lost last Saturday. Then, we headed to Mazurik's to meet Eric.

Eric showed up a little before 8am, so we were launched by 8. After warming up the 300 G2 to its recommended temp of 120 degrees we headed out. I headed back to Starve Island, where Jenn, Matt, and myself fished last Saturday.  The fish were stacked in there last weekend, and I was hoping they were still there. They were.

Down went the Ulterra and the "Baby ETEC" to set a trolling pass from the east to the west along the 40' contour on the south side of the deep hole there.

Bandits were set at 120 back on the outside Off Shore boards...unassisted. The middle boards had 91 back on the starboard side and 50/50 w/2oz on the port side. The inside boards had 50/65 w/2oz on the port side and 50/50 w/2oz on the starboard side.  (Speed was 1.5-1.7 into the current and 1.7-2.0 going with the current.)

I don't remember all the names of the colors we used, but the color didn't really seem to matter. We had dark bodies, white bodies, and colorful bodies out there and they all took fish. 

We lost another one of my favorite Bandits when the decision for a net was decided against, and the line snapped when the bigger than we thought fish was lifted. I just hope she wasn't hooked bad and was able to drop the bait, eventually, so it doesn't interfere with her eating or breathing for that matter. That always makes me feel bad. :(

We had a very good bite going on and had our 3 person limit in short order. If one board went back there was usually one or two more that wanted to come visit us in the boat.  We released a lot of fish today and caught close to 40 fish (I lost count) in the 5 hours we fished. It did slow down around noon though. 

The weather was absolutely beautiful today with a light wind around 3-5mph out of the SW. The morning was sunny, with a temp in the 40's to low 50's, but the clouds rolled in around 11:30 and cooled it off a few degrees. The jackets were on and off all day long. 

We didn't catch any giants, but they were a good selection for the freezer. The fish were 18" up to 27" and on the chunky side. 

I heard of two 13 pound walleye caught today, but neither one was in the Fall Brawl. (Sucks to be them right now...heheh). For 30 bucks they could have had a chance at a new boat or wads of cash. Oh well....maybe they will re-think that next fall. :)

I have a trip this Friday, but haven't really decided if I am driving to launch out of Huron or stick to launching out of Mazurik's. I guess I'll decide that morning when I factor in all the conditions. I'm leaning towards Mazurik's though, since everyone will have off on Friday and it's the last weekend for the Brawl, so I'm guessing Huron will be a zoo.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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