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Fishing with Chris and Kelly Literski 11/29/19

by Capt Juls on 11/29/19

Chris and Kelly drove a little over 2 hours this morning, coming in from MI, and met me at the house at 6:50am. We headed over to Anchor's Away to pick up the Ranger, and then on to Mazurik's where we launched at 7:30.

I figured the water would be dirty over by Starve Island after the NW winds yesterday, where I had been fishing the past two outings, so I headed to the east side of Kelly's this time. I wasn't marking the fish like I had hoped, so I kept going north along the outside edge of Airport Reef and up to the southeast side of Kelly Island Shoal. The Helix lit up with some good marks in between the two spots, so we set up and started trolling NW. 

Bandits were run at anywhere from 65 to 120 back unassisted, and 50/50 with a 2oz Guppie 1.5-1.8mph. The marks on the Helix ran out pretty fast going that direction, so we made a turn to go back to the SE, and ran across them again. We picked up a little walleye on the 50/50 rig sporting a Red Head Bandit.

As we maneuvered around the area of Airport Reef...staying in 40-43' of water...we picked up a fish here and there. It was not a fast bite today for us, and we only ended up with 17 fish in the box, with the biggest being a fat 25 incher.

It was a decent day to be on the water today...light north wind with waves 1 foot or less, cloudy skies, and an air temp in the mid to high 30's. The sun popped out once, and it felt like it warmed up 10 degrees, but that was short lived when it disappeared behind the clouds again. The water temp was 40 degrees.

I have canceled the next three scheduled charters due to the wind forecast and temps. Good luck to those die hards looking to win a boat or big cash this weekend....please don't push the limits, and stay safe. No amount of money can replace you amongst your family and friends. 

My next scheduled trip is next Saturday....

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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