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Fishing with Craig and Teddy 6/12/19

by Capt Juls on 06/12/19

Today was the second day of a 3-day trip.  Yesterday, when I dropped them off, I asked, "Can I pick you up at 4:30 tomorrow? I know you're from different time zones, so if that's too early..." Teddy immediately said, "No, no...that's fine".

I arrived to their hotel in the usual fashion...15 minutes early. I wasn't there a minute, and Teddy came out and saw me...laughed, and said, "We thought you might be early...we'll be right out".  They loaded in the truck and we headed to Big Bopper's for an early breakfast.  

We hit Hi Way bait for some emeralds and ice, and then headed to Mazurik's to launch. We were in the water by 5:45 and headed to the east side of Kelly's for a look at new water. I've been fishing in the same area for two weeks now, so I wanted to try a new spot.  

The Cedar Point Dump isn't on my LakeMaster Map, so I had to look at my Navionics app on my phone to get the coordinates...then, find it on my Helix.
Once we were in the area, we started to mark some fish...not a lot...but, some.  
With the ESE wind this morning, the waves were just starting to build as we were headed out. Once I found the area I wanted to fish, I had to take into account the wave direction, so I could set my course to hit some humps, that usually hold fish, without getting off course.  We were successful, and the fish were there. We had our three man limit in an hour and 45 minutes. Not as fast as it has been, but the bite was nicely spaced apart, which made it more fun, in my opinion.

It's the same program that I was using on the north side of Kelly's the past two weeks. Spoons behind dipsies with the 3 setting at 49 and 57 and the 1 setting at 33 and 41. The dipsey with the 1 setting that was at 33 was eventually put to 41...then, picked up its pace in catching fish. Silver spoons with blue on them worked best for us this morning. The Blueberry Muffin Yeck Spoon caught some, but not like it did the other day.

After we had our limits, we put the walleye gear away and headed over to the west side of Kelly's to start our search for some perch.  We hit 3 or 4 spots, and only stayed on a spot for 20 minutes to a 1/2 hour before moving. If we were only catching sheepshead, then we moved. It was in our last spot today, about a mile to a mile and a half NW out of Mazurik's that the Helix once again showed some hopeful sign of perch on the bottom, so I deployed the Ulterra and hit the Spot-Lock. It was a good spot...we did well. The perch were much bigger today than yesterday too. Yesterday, we caught 30 we caught 50. There were probably 3-4 sheepshead caught for every one perch too. lol

We fished longer today, because the last time I saw the forecast for tomorrow (prior to having seen it when I got home this afternoon)..was for nasty weather/wind. The forecast looks fishable tomorrow, but my crew is tired and have long drives ahead of them. Craig is driving back to Sioux Falls, and Teddy is headed back to northern Wisconsin.
They booked three days, in the hopes of getting at least two in, and we did that, so they have decided to head home early. They thanked me for a great time, and said I did a great job. Teddy said, "I think I may just give up my annual trip to "Lake of the Woods" and just come fish with you every year"... That makes me happy! :)

So, that means, I have an unexpected day off tomorrow. The boat is clean and the grass is cut...I have no monkies on my back right now. Life is good. :)

I'm looking at Friday's winds and it doesn't look good for my next trip.  I have a Father and Son crew, who I have fished with the past two years, and the Father is 80 years old. A chop is fine, but "rough" isn't. It will probably be a reschedule. I'm waiting until the deadline to let them know, so they can reschedule their hotel accommodations.

Saturday, is iffy too...watching that right now...

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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