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Fishing with Mike and Vicky Phillips 6/18/19

by Capt Juls on 06/18/19

This morning, I had the winners of a donated trip. They won it at the South Shore Marine Seminar Event, that was held this past March. 

Mike and Vicky met me right on time at Mazurik's at 5:30, and we headed out.

It was a near perfect morning. There was only a whisper of wind out of the NE and the air temp was 64 degrees. The sky was clear to partly cloudy, and just starting to lighten up enough, so that I didn't need to put the navigation lights on.
I say, "It was near perfect", since the lake still had a small NE roller situation going on, and I couldn't open up the 300G2 for a fast ride.

We headed east from Mazurik's and set up when the Humminbird started to show some consistent marks in the middle of the water column. These are the fish that are most active and ready to chomp on something passing by them, so I try to find those kinds of marks before setting up on them. 

The Ranger came to a glide across the water and slowed to a stop.  The Ulterra was deployed through the Helix. (Once I figured out that I could easily deploy it through my Humminbird, without having to go through a bunch of menus...I've been stowing and deploying it from the H'Bird instead of the remote....that's so much faster and easier than having to look for the remote, grab the remote, and go through the menu to hit the buttons. It also impresses my customers...heheh).
Then, the baby E-TEC was lowered down and powered up. 

I set the course for the Ulterra to move us to, and rpm level of the baby E to push us there, at a speed of 2.2-2.4mph.  Both Mike and Vicky have run dipsies before, and Mike has run inline planer boards before...just not Off Shore boards or how I have my releases set up on them, which is the Snapper in the front and the )R-16 in the back.

The Scorpion spoons in blue/silver w/silver backs were outfishing the others by 2:1, I think...or, close to it.  The dipsies were set on the 0 and 3 settings on both sides of the boat. The 3 settings were 55/65 and the 0 settings were both at 35. The 0 setting rods were outfishing the 3 settings too, but both kept up with the action.

We had our 18 fish within the first hour. After we cleaned everything up...We just felt like floating around for a while to enjoy the nice lake conditions. and morning. We chatted for about 15-20 minutes, and then headed in. I was glad that I didn't stop at Big Bopper's on the way to the launch, because I was then able to hit Big B's on the way home. For years, I have seen "Chipped Beef on toast with Eggs" on their specials board, and I have never even tried it, so I tried it this's good...very good. I think next time though, I'll get the Chipped Beef over the scrambled eggs... and, get the toast on the side. I was craving some jelly this morning, and that bit of sweetness would have bode well with it. 

Anyway...I digress...I have a trip tomorrow with Ryan Goodwin and his Mom, and lucky us...the weather forecast should be very similar to today's, so I am expecting another fun day. We will be looking for some perch after catching our walleye in the morning.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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1. Timothy Andrews said on 6/19/19 - 04:17PM
Great report! I read the other day that you were having great success with YECK spoons, I will be fishing with the owner and creator of YECK spoons next month on Lake Michigan out of Ludington, any advise you would like to suggest to him. BTW I fish with Bob Hayner several times a year and I am the guy who pretended to have backed into your trailer about a year ago while we all were eating breakfast at Boppers,the look on your face was priceless.

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