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Fishing with Bill, Laura, and Jamie 7/26/2020

by Capt Juls on 07/26/20

This is going to be a short one since it's Sunday and I have tomorrow off, due to a weather reschedule and I want to go do something...:)

Bill, Laura, and Jamie showed up at Mazurik's a little after 5AM, but didn't need to be there until 5:30, since I was planning on launching at 5:45 when it's light enough to see everything. But, since they were nice enough to be early....we launched at 5:30 and headed NE. 

The wind was supposed to be light out of the SW, according to iWindSurf, but it was out of the SE early this morning. We headed out to the line, where I started yesterday and set up. By that time, the wind had turned SW and began to pick up. 

The wave conditions were 1-3's and since we were up near the line, that meant we had to run the trough more than having the waves on the corner of the boat, so the boat was rocking. They had pretty good sea legs though, so that was good. No one was falling over....much. lol

I won't bore you with the set up again, because it was the exact same thing we did yesterday, and if you missed yesterday's can find it easily. :)

The family Jackson wanted to learn how to troll, so they could do it from their own boat, and since they've never done it before, they have a lot to learn. 
I showed them how to set the Off Shore boards out and the dipsies, but the action started pretty quickly and it was more like confused chaos on their end and controlled chaos on my end. 
Trying to learn something when there's so much to do is hard for anyone new to this game, but they did a great job and managed to put 24 plump walleye in the cooler by 8:15.  

Bill would like to come back for a few more lessons, so that makes me happy!

I'm off tomorrow....calling for scattered showers and thunderstorms and strong winds, so Ill be cleaning the boat in the morning before it gets hot.

Tuesday, I'm off, Capt's Matt and Jenn Wieland, and I will be going on a charter with Capt Gary Zart (and, maybe Capt Nicholas if he's along) of Blue Dolphin Charters over out of Lorain.  We all want to see the walleye slayer at work. I'm hoping it's on his big boat, so Jenn and Matt can see how he runs his set up.  

I'll have to take the Dramamine, because big boats make me green. lol

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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