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Fishing with Dan, Brian, and Dalton 6/13/2021

by Capt Juls on 06/13/21

This morning started out a little strange. I got up at 2am and there was a lightning show going on over on the Canadian side of the lake. I made a cup of coffee, made the cats their wet food....grabbed my phone and Dexter, and went out on the back deck to check out the storm on the other side of the lake.  

I just got a new iPhone 12 Pro Max, because it takes better my humble opinion. My clients like the photos, and my old phone was getting a bit worn out in that department, so I had to upgrade. Apple claims that it takes better pictures in low light, so this was a chance to try it out.  I've tried to take video footage in lowlight conditions with the iPhone X that I had, and it could never capture anything of quality at night.  The new phone captured the entire show, so I was pretty happy I upgraded. I have a lot of early morning lowlight conditions that it will come in handy for. :)

So, this is how the rest of the morning goes....

I got gas and ice at the local corner gas station and walked back out to my truck. The ground was spotted with quarter sized rain drops. I couldn't believe it, I checked all the weather apps before I left, and there was no wet weather predicted. Well, a quick moving cell burst and flowed enough water to make my entire boat completely soaked.  Now, I had to deal with a very wet boat. 
I didn't know if it would rain again and I realized my rain gear was not in the boat or the truck.  Then, I remembered I had a little papery Frogg Togg suit-in-a-bag somewhere in the boat for a "Just in Case" situation like this.

My crew was supposed to meet me at 5:15, but at 5:19 they hadn't showed yet, so I gave them a call to find out if they were running behind.  Dan, apologetically told me they had gone to the wrong park by mistake. From there, they showed up pretty quickly, and we were launched and on our way by 5:30

This is one of those spots that I am not at liberty to share with any of you, because I'm working it with a few other captains right now. Unfortunately, it's a small area, and cannot take the pressure, so we are keeping it quiet. I hope you understand. Sometimes, a person needs to keep just one...just for themselves. Know what I mean? Anyway....sorry about that. But, I'm sworn to secrecy. 

The guys had a good time, worked hard, and caught a lot of fish today. They did a great job setting lines and retrieving them too. We didn't lose any boards today either, so that's a plus. lol 

Tomorrow, I have a husband and wife team, from Ohio, scheduled for a walleye trip. The weather is calling for mostly cloudy skies with a wind from....hard to site says one thing and another site says something completely different, so I have no clue which one is right and which one is wrong. We will just go fishing, and watch the weather closely.  

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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