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Fishing with Dean, Scott, and Randy 10/4/2021

by Capt Juls on 10/05/21

Sorry...this is going to be a short report, because I didn't have time yesterday to get it done, and I'm short on time this morning. :)

We launched out of Huron at 7:15 yesterday morning, and headed north out of the river. The air temp was 66 degrees, winds were light out of the south, and the water temp was 68 degrees. Skies were partly cloudy with a forecast for some popup showers around 9am.

We ran out to the dump and set up in 40 feet of water and set the Ulterra on a course to the NNE, towards deeper water, at a speed of 2.2mph.

It's basically the same program I ran two days prior with Bandits behind Off Shore boards, with 20z weights on one side of the boat, and unassisted Bandits on the other side of the boat.  We dialed in the unassisted side to 120 back, and put them all at that depth, since every fish caught on that side was hitting that outside board at 120 back. Once we moved the two inside baits down too, they started catching too.

The dipsey program wasn't working as well as it did two days ago, but we did catch some on them. 

We caught around 30 fish, but only 18 of those were keepers, so we went in with only three of our four-person limits.

The rain did show up around 9am, and I tried to stay north of it as it passed, but we did end up catching the edge of it and got rained on. It was a good thing they all brought their rain gear, because it was more than just a sprinkle. lol

Dean, Scott, and Randy, who came down from Wisconsin last Friday with their own boat, had similar success out of Huron the day before. They wanted to fish with me to learn some tips and tricks with the planer boards, and wanted to learn how to run the dipsies, because they had never run them before, but wanted to. They mentioned they were nervous about trying them on their own, because they were afraid of tangles. They learned how easy it was to run them and were planning on buying some for their next adventure out. :)

I'm still having an issue with my 36V battery system draining superfast, so it wasn't the battery charger that got changed out the other day, after's something else.  Hopefully, the culprit can be found and rectified this afternoon, or tomorrow, because I have two perch trips Thursday and Friday, and I need that Ulterra's Spot Lock to last out there! Fingers crossed!
(And, before someone tells me I need to buy new, it's not the batteries themselves....they are the Odyssey Extreme 31 AGMs...and, they are in great condition, and less than a year old! lol). 

Gotta run....have a great day!

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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