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Fishing with Gary, Denny, and Gina...6/18/24

by Capt Juls on 06/18/24

The family went back to Wisconsin on Monday, so I had my normal morning routine, of taking the dogs out on the back deck with my cup of coffee, and my phone. I check the weather and wind apps for the morning's forecasts, and figure out my game plan for the day's trip, while the dogs eat their morning treat, and carry stuffed animals around, to show each other.

I liked heading out at 4am the day before, so I did it again, and after hitting the gas station for ice, I headed for Huron. The parking lot was empty, and so it was quiet.  It was already a warm 75 degrees at 4:30, and the wind was light out of the SE. The app said it was supposed to be SW, but it was definitely coming out of the SE.

Gary, and his Nephew, Denny, and Denny's wife, Gina were driving over from Norwalk, and showed up at 5am...15 minutes early. 
I told them, "We can launch, but I'll go real slow on the way out of the river...I need for it to lighten up a bit, so I can see out there". 
(I don't know where nets are being set out there, but I have seen the commercial fisheries boat headed out of the river, each morning.)

We were out of the mouth of the river around 5:20. The Vexus got on plane and headed NNE. I had no where in particular I was headed to, because there are fish all over out there, right now.  I just wanted to get to a little deeper water, like 43-44 feet, before I slowed down, to start looking at the fish marks.  
It didn't take long, to just say, "Let's just start here", because I had been marking fish the entire way out, and why leave fish, to go find fish. ;)

The FishHawk was deployed, and the speed set with the Terrova, and the baby Merc, before setting lines.  This time, I decided to get the Off Shore boards out there first, because trying to get boards out, when the dipsies keep going off...can be frustrating. 

I still have the same three Bill Lewis PWC Lites running behind the boards with 2oz Guppie weights, that I have been running the past 5 trips, or so..."Green Tiger", "Emerald Shiner", and "Barbie.
Green Tiger ran at 50/80, EShiner at 50/50, and Barbie at 50/27 at a speed of 2.5mph. These ran on the starboard side.
(For those new to this fishing speak... it means, 50 feet of line out...add the weight...let another 80 feet of line out, and attach the board).

Bandits ran on the port side at 120 (outside...color was "IB Infected" by DJ Custom Eye Lures) 100 (middle..."Buck Fever", by Domka Outdoors) and 80 (inside...Green Clown / stock color), unassisted, (which means no weights). 

The cranks were getting hit right away, so it took a while before we could get the dipsies out, but when we did, it was the same program I have been running for two weeks, over deep water. 

The zero settings were running at 50 and 60. The two setting was at 65, and the three setting was at 55 back. Scorpion spoons and Yeck D-11s were chosen. "Confusion" was a hot one, so we ran two of those., Another one was one I don't know the name of, but I got it at Hi Way bait, from the suggestion of DJ (DJ Customs), who was working the day that I stopped in. All I can tell you is that it's copper, with a bit of red, and a black dot...and the back, or belly as I call it, was painted blue.

The wind app was wrong this morning, and the wind it was showing never showed up, so the lake was beautiful, and had a 6 inch chop. There was enough wind that the bugs that tormented us yesterday, were no where to be found today. What a relief!

Denny and Gina are from Arkansas, and had never fished for walleye before, so Denny was hands on learning, this morning, and worked hard to learn as much as he could. They had all caught their limits, and I reeled in three of mine, before Denny said, "If we have a limit, we can go in...I have to clean all these myself". To which I replied, "Okay, if you're all good, we'll head back in, my dogs will be very happy to have me home early". They all agreed.
They said they had a great time, and would like to come back again next June...and, that makes me happy! :)

I'm off tomorrow, to take the new pup to the vet for a check up, some shots, and a chip.

I'll be back out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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