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Fishing with Vito...6/17/2024

by Capt Juls on 06/17/24

I was off over the weekend, while family was here, so I was back to work this morning. The morning routine was disrupted, due to sleeping siblings, and me trying to keep two rambunctious dogs quiet, before I had to leave. 

I decided to leave really early (4AM), so they would just go lay down and be quiet. I don't know if that worked, because I was gone, but it was nice and quiet for me. lol

I hit the gas station to gas up the Vexus, and get some ice for the coolers, and headed back to Huron, where I would meet up with Vito at 5:15. But, when I got there at 4:45, the parking lot was empty, except for one vehicle, which just so happened to be Vito's. :)

"What are you doing here so early?", I asked. "Dad was sleeping, and I didn't have anything to do in our room, so I thought I would just come early", he said.
"Well, it's still dark, so we have time", I said. Vito hails from my home state of Wisconsin, and also bought my 2017 Ranger 621, so we had lots to talk about.

We launched, and headed out of the river around 5:15, and marked fish from the mouth of the river all the way out to 39 feet of water. We set up in the 39 feet, and pointed the boat on an ENE troll at a speed of 2.3-2.5mph. (Water temp is up to 71 degrees now).

We could only run 6 rods, because his 90 year old dad didn't come along this morning. He fished with Vito yesterday, and that wore him out. We ran 4 dipsies with my usual program...two on each back corner. The inside rods were on the zero settings, and the two outside rods ran on the two and three settings.

Zero settings were catching best from 50-60 back, and the two setting was run at 65 back, while the three setting ran at the usual 55 back.  Scorpion spoons, and Yeck spoons (D-11s) were non-stop catchers.

Two Bill Lewis PWC Lites ran behind the Off Shore boards with 2oz Guppie weights at 50/80 and 50/50, but the 50/80 caught more sheep than anything, so it was switched up to 50/50, because that one was catching nicer walleye.

A big pack of boats began to stack up, straight out of Vermilion, so we stayed south of them, and just kept going over the same fish.  We sorted through about 25-30 fish to catch our 12 that went in the cooler, before heading back in at 7:45.

The Midge Fly hatch was brutal this morning, and covered everything in the boat, and us. The kind, where they get in your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears if you don't cover  up.  It kind of pissed me off, because I had just detailed the boat yesterday, to get it back to showroom clean, and it's not clean anymore....stupid flies. But, they are feeding the fish, so I can't get too mad, when I see fat little bellies on our walleye here.

I'm headed back to Huron in the morning, to meet up with Gary Ebinger, his nephew, and his nephew's wife at 5:15, to put some more fish in the cooler. :)

I hope the flies are less than they were this morning, but I did warn my customers, in case they are just as bad. 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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