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Fishing with Hugh, Dan, and Wayne Martin 8/3/18

by Capt Juls on 08/03/18

I pulled into the Huron ramp at 5:15 this morning, and after getting everything ready, I waited on my crew. Hugh, his son, Dan, and his brother, Wayne were going to meet me there at 5:45, so there was time to waste.  They showed up right on time, so we loaded up and headed out of the river to go chase some walleye.

We headed north out of the channel and took about a 9 mile ride before setting down to start our trolling pass to the NE.  There were decent marks, nothing spectacular, but good enough to get us started.

On the way out, we passed a bunch of perch nets....there must have been 5 or 6 nets that I counted before we stopped.  They are not easy to see, so I was thankful it was a calm morning, because they are even harder to see when there is a decent chop on the water.

We started with 4 dipsies and one Tru Trip Jet...the same program I've been running all week, basically.  The two outside dipsies were on the 3 setting at 85 and 111 back,  the dipsey with the 1 setting was at 61 back, and the dipsey on the zero setting was at 57 back.  I ran both the Michigan Stinger spoons and the Scorpion spoons, along with the Ripplin Redfin crankbaits.  Eventually, I added two bandits behind Off Shore Boards, and took one nice walleye on the one set at 65 back...that color is called, "Buck Fever". It's the purple back and chrome sides/belly.

We put 7 in the box, and lost a few, and threw back about 5 or 6 walleye that didn't make the length requirement, before I got a call telling me of a better bite over where I was two days ago with Vito, which was SW of where we were by 4 miles. But, as we always say...."Never leave fish to find fish!" But, do I listen? No! I moved. lol 

The bite wasn't as good over there, as it was where we first started, but it was steady enough to keep us there for the duration of their charter.  I just kept the Ulterra pointed at the NE, which kept the waves on the port side corner, to help keep the speed at a steady 2.3-2.5mph.

After we caught their limit of fish, we were working on mine when I noticed a black buoy floating a few feet from the boat. My heart started to race, as I looked up to see a path of white buoys floating a little further out. I turned around quickly, looking for the red flag indicating a perch net. There it was...the double red flag, which means we were closest to the north end of the net. (The south end has a single red flag.)

I yelled, "Pull everything up, QUICK! We're coming into a net!" "You want us to reel everything in?", asked Wayne. "Yes! And, hurry or I'll lose all the gear", I said.
As I reeled up the first dipsey, it was caught in the net, but somehow, it released and I got it all back. Dan and Wanye got their's reeled up without issues too, but the Tru-Trip Jet is now the property of whoever owns the perch net....Grrrr.... (Stupid nets!!) I had just put that spoon on too, and it was doing a fine job of catching fish. I don't think I have another one, so I'll have to run to Rickard's in the morning and see if they have it. I think it was a Pooh Bear color with a pink back, but I'm never sure of the names, so I'll just look at them in the store and see what matches it. ;)

After we pulled everything in, Hugh said to the others, "Well, I'm good with going in about you two? You ready to go in, or would you like to stay out and fish?" Wayne said he was happy with their experience today, and was good to go in if that was what they wanted to do. So, they asked me what I wanted to do, and I said it was up to them.  So, long story short...we went in and finished the morning with 19 walleye in the box.  

Oh, and the funny of the day was a 2018 "young of the year walleye", about 4" long caught on a scorpion spoon...trolling!  If that little guy made it, after being dragged around for who knows how long...he has a bright future as a prolific eater, and will one day grow to be the next Ohio, Lake Erie, State Record. Woot! Woot!  I sure hope he made it...he was a cute little bugger. :)

Tomorrow, I'll be back over there with a Father and son crew to fish for walleye. On Sunday, I'll be taking the same crew out of Mazurik's to go hunt for some perch west of the islands.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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