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Fishing with Tony and Aidan Sargent 8/4/18

by Capt Juls on 08/04/18

Last month, I took out Mark Sargent and friends, and this morning I took out Mark's son, Tony, and Tony's son, Aidan to do a little walleye fishing.  I met them at Huron at 6am, and we headed north out of the river like I did on yesterday's trip.

We made a run to the same place I started yesterday, and set the Ranger down off plane about 10 miles north of the river.  Then, I put the Ulterra in the water, and gave it a heading of NE to guide us.  The "baby ETEC" was deployed and pushed us along at a speed of 2.3-2.5mph...the same as yesterday.

The dipsey/Tru-Trip Jet/Spoon/Ripplin Redfin program was the was same as yesterday's program, so there's nothing new to report there.  Dipsies on the 3 setting at 111 and 95 back, 0 setting at 57-61 back, 1 setting at 65 back, and the 40 Tru-Trip Jet was 120-125 back.  I ran the Ripplin Redfin Red Headed Clown on the port side dipsey on the 3 setting/95 back and that took the bigger fish that we brought in this morning.  The rest were spoons.  I tried a Ripplin Redfin on the dipsey on the other "3 setting" rod, but it never caught, so I changed it back up to a spoon and it started catching again.

The action wasn't "as fast as you can go", but it was a good steady bite, that kept a 13 year old angler busy and happy.  We threw a bunch back that were nice fish, because we had reached our 17th fish, and I explained that if we put that 18th fish in the box, we were done. They opted to do some catch and release for a while, or until one got hooked bad, and wouldn't make it, or until Aidan decided it was time to go.

They put the 18th fish in the box, when Aidan decided he didn't want to gamble on not getting another big one for the box, so we headed in.

We had a fun morning, and are looking forward to tomorrow's perch adventure out of Mazurik's.  It's been nice launching at Huron though, because it's definitely less crowded than Mazurik's...especially, on a weekend. ;)

I'm hoping we can find some perch willing to bite tomorrow....fingers crossed!

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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