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Fishing with Jim and Karen Sarro 8/1/2020

by Capt Juls on 08/01/20

Left the house at 5AM and stopped at the Fisherman's Wharf, downtown, and picked up some minnows (They're Goldies right now, and on the larger side), and ice. Then, on my way to Catawba State Park, I stopped at Herb's Drive-Thru to see if he had smaller Goldies, and they did. So, I picked up another 10 bucks worth and added them to the others already purchased. I put mine in a zip-loc bag and put them on ice in a small "6-Pack" cooler.

I got to the park early and wiped down the boat, and got things ready for walleye fishing. The forecast was an ENE wind at 10-13mph and then laying down as it switches around. The air temp was in the mid to high 60's and the sky was mostly cloudy.

My crew showed up a little early, so we were on the water by 6am, instead of 6:30, and got to watch the sun come up from the boat, which is something I always look forward to.  We headed north to the "Triangle" between the islands and set up with a Bandit behind Off Shore board program at 120/100/80/65  back (unassisted) and the dipsies set at 3 settings at 65 and 75 and the 1 settings at 40 and 54. 

Jim wanted to learn how we troll on the lake, and hopefully catch some walleye to take home to eat. We would also be perch fishing today. We made one pass from the ferry dock to the imaginary line between Green and Rattlesnake at 2.5-2.7mph.

We caught a bunch of throwbacks and put 3 nice eaters in the cooler (and, two perch) before I said, "We should probably set up for perch fishing before that rain hits", pointing towards the SW sky. Jim and Karen agreed. I put all the walleye gear away and set up for Perch'n.

My plan was to move back to some areas that I marked on the Helix as we trolled, that looked "Perchy" to me, but as soon as I fired up the motor and looked at the Helix, I said, "This looks pretty damn good right here" and shut the motor back off.
The Ulterra was deployed and the "Spot-Loc" was engaged to hold us on the spot. 

I showed them how I usually hook my minnows on the two hook crappie rigs I tie up myself and told them how we usually fish them. They caught on quick.  Karen was the first one to bring some of that yummy green and gold up from the depths (31') and then Jim and I followed suit.  It wasn't a fast bite, but it was a slow steady bite. At times, it would pick up, but for the most part, it was a slow-steady bite. We had our 90 in the cooler in about 2 /12 hours...maybe 3 hours, I can't remember when we started. 

We headed back in and when we hit the shore, the rain became a steady rain, but no one's moods were altered, because we had a fun day out there today. They said they would be back next year too, and that makes me happy!

Tomorrow's trip has been rescheduled to another Sunday, because it's supposed to blow hard tomorrow. Monday and Tuesday will be a two day trip for walleye with a crew from North Carolina. Capt's Matt and Jenn Wieland of H&H Charters will be the second boat, because there are 4 in this group and I only take three people, so two will go with me one day and two with them, and then, the next day the crews will switch and I'll get the other crew and vise-versa.   The crews also get to learn how we troll with the Off Shore boards (my boat) and the big boards with the Wieland's. So, two similar, but different presentations.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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