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Fishing with Todd, Ethan, and Landon 7/30/2020

by Capt Juls on 07/31/20

It was originally booked as a walleye trip, but with the NE winds forecast for the day, I asked Todd if his grandsons would be interested in fishing for perch instead. He said that the boys had never perch fished before, so that would be okay.

We launched out of Catawba, because of reports of perch being caught by the firing range cans the past several days. This was my first perch'n trip of the season, and I was excited, because anyone who knows me knows I love to go after the little buggers.

We launched at 6am and headed to G Can first. There were some marks there, so we set up and I explained to the boys how to hook the minnows on the two hook rigs I tie up and then how to work them.  

I missed two of the first bites and then texted a friend who was at a different spot, and out a 1/2 hour before us, to see how they were doing. He said it was a fast bite, so we moved to the can they were at. There were A LOT of other boats at that can too, as it's a very popular spot during a perch bite, so I'm sure you can guess which one without me telling you. (I have to make you work a little bit for

I'm guessing there are perch all over the area between the cans, and not just right on the cans, so if you mark them on your electronics...stop and fish them...then, you have a spot all to yourselves. :)

We had caught 63 perch, only one sheephead, and 3 white perch in the bunch too, so you can see there wasn't a lot of junk to sort through.

All we had were Goldies to use for bait, as none of the local bait shops had the elusive Emerald Shiners available. I stopped at Hi-Way for mine and was disappointed in the amount per scoop he was giving for the 5.00 price tag on them. I don't think we would have had enough to make it to 120 perch in the cooler without running out of bait.

But, it didn't matter, because an issue popped up with my trolling motor batteries.
Unfortunately, the junk Interstate batteries used on the 36V Ulterra died and my "Spot-Lock" (anchor) was no longer working in the 2 to 3' waves.  And, YES, I've already ordered some Crown Battery replacements, so that doesn't happen again.  

Yes, I could have thrown an anchor, and started over, but my crew were happy with the catch they had already, and with the waves building decided to head back in instead.

Friday's trip has been rescheduled to August due to a NE wind.

I'll be out tomorrow with a fella that has had too many reschedules already, and hopefully we can find some walleye with the east wind that is forecast. 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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