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Fishing with John, Nelius, and "Papa" 9/26/2020

by Capt Juls on 09/26/20

My trip yesterday was canceled by my customers, due to an unexpected death of a close friend of theirs, so Jenn and I took the opportunity to go fun fishing and get some fish for the eagles.  It was also a chance for me to prefish for walleye for my customers today, since I had been perch fishing the previous 4 days.

After what Jenn and I did yesterday (12 walleye anchored by a 30" fish in three hours), and the time it took to do it, I was excited about what laid in store for us this morning.

My customers met me at Mazurik's at 6:30 and we launched shortly after. It was still dark out, but the horizon was just beginning to lighten. We headed east from the landing and set up in 40 foot of water out between Cedar Point and Huron. The Ulterra steered a course to the NNE...with the waves on the starboard stern corner. The baby ETEC barely had to use any power to keep us at 2.2-2.3mph.

My go to set up with the Bandits was what Jenn and I did yesterday. Yesterday, we had caught 9 of the 12 fish on a Purple Mist Bandit set at 20/70 with a 3oz snap weight. So, two of that set up were deployed...along with a 20/50 w/3oz and the usual 50/75 and 50/50 w/2oz's. All caught fish. Purple Mist, Chrome Barbie, and Slick Frog were the colors that worked for us today.

The dipsies did very little, unfortunately. The 1 setting at 55 back with a Purple Mist shallow bandit caught the biggest fish today, which was only 4-5 pounds. But, that was only one of two fish caught on dipsies for us today.

The water temp was 66.7 degrees, which was the same as yesterday.  Because the conditions were almost identical as yesterday, I had much higher hopes for a great bite today. But, unfortunately, it didn't happen that way for us today. I know some people caught well today, but from what I could hear on the radio, it sounded like more folks were in the same boat as we were today, and struggling a bit. 

We ended with 11 of the 14 fish that got hooked, so they have a nice fish fry for the family anyway. They had fun, and made some memories for the day.  Nelius, who is John's 12 year old son did a great job, and had fun reeling in his fish. John said he would like to come back next spring for a perch trip or maybe even a walleye/perch combo trip. And, that makes me happy...:)

Tomorrow's forecasting winds that are supposed to gust to 30-37mph out of the SW tomorrow, so tomorrow is a "no-go" for this Capt and her crew. 

I have repeat customers, Greg and Ray, for three days. So, hopefully, the weather behaves and we can at least get Monday and Tuesday in for them. I'm hoping the cold front coming in doesn't affect them too much, and they keep biting. We shall see.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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