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Fishing with Mark and Jim 5/12/2022

by Capt Juls on 05/12/22

Mark and Jim are two more of my long time customers. I think I met them for the first time, the first year, when I started guiding 11 years ago. :)

The morning's forecast was looking like another beautiful day to be on the lake. Clear skies, kind of warm, but still a little chilly in the mornings...and very little wind out of the ESE. It was probably around 3 mph, so there was just a ripple on the water's surface, when we headed out of Catawba, at 5:45.

"Are you going to be warm enough?", I asked Jim, who was only wearing a sweatshirt, with a flannel over it, and a pair of jeans.  Mark wasn't dressed much warmer, so I asked him too. "No, I'll be fine", he said.  "Okay", I thought to myself...while wearing jeans with my suit that has the fuzzy warm lining, and is windproof..."They're going to get cold".  I know how chilly it can be on the cooler mornings...especially, when the water temps are still only in the mid-50's, right now.  I knew they weren't dressed right, but I can only do and say so much. the fishing...
We caught their limits, and some of mine..before moving to another spot. The first spot was where every boat in the western basin was this morning, I think.  I was one of the first to the area, so our first pass was pretty easy, and we caught most of our fish in that first pass. Once it got crowded, it was time to leave.

Bandits behind Off Shore planer boards at (port) 80, 70,60, 50....35, 53, 67, 77 (starboard) Guess which side I set up...;)  All numbers caught a fish, or two, today.

Speed was 1-8-2.0 mph...we caught at slower speeds and higher speeds too.
Water temp was 55.7

The second spot was up by North Bass, and we caught 2 on Bandits at 75 and 80 back at 1.8 mph.

Colors used today in the order of their catch rate...
Carrot Top
Chrome Barbie
Taco Salad
Chrome Perch (but, to be fair..(insert LetterKenny echo here! Ha!).. it didn't get put on until late morning, and did catch one pretty fast, so it might have been a better one to have out longer today) :)
Blue Chrome let me down today....weird.

Mark and Jim did a great job today, and will be back at it again tomorrow. They will also be back to fish with me again in June and July, and that makes me happy! 

I think we'll be launching out of Mazurik's in the morning.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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