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Short Trip with Richard...5/15/2022

by Capt Juls on 05/16/22

My crew for the two day trip, that would have been Saturday and Sunday was rescheduled, and I moved Richard from Monday to Sunday afternoon.

I normally don't do any afternoon trips, but his flight didn't land him in Akron until 10:30am yesterday... and, then, he had an hour and a half drive over here to Port, I made an acceptation. I didn't want to reschedule him, again.  

The forecast today (Monday/Im writing this late, because it was way past my bedtime when we got done with everything last night. lol) is for gusts to 25 out of the west.  

He was staying at The White Caps Motel, so we launched next door, on the Portage River at 2:30. It was just him, so I was making it a 4 hour trip, instead of the usual 6 hour trip.  2:30 in the afternoon for other people is just that...2:30 in the afternoon....for me though, 2:30 in the afternoon is 6:30pm , since I get up so early. (Dinner time for most people, is when I'm usually going to bed).

We headed north out of the river, and fished the water west of the bass islands, in 30' of water. 

The Blue Chrome Bandit took 5 of his 6 fish at 30-40 back, at a speed of 2.0mph. Sunspost took his 6th fish at 30 back, too.

Water temp was up to 67 degrees yesterday, which is 10 degrees warmer than it was on Friday, when I was out last.

Richard and I had a relaxing time floating around out there, and had some good conversation.  He served in both Afghanistan and Iraq, as a Marine, but is out now, due to injury. He's a super nice guy, and I wished we had had more time yesterday, but it is what it is.   He said he had a great time, and wants to come back again for another walleye trip, and possibly a perch trip, before the season ends... and, that makes me happy!

I have a two day trip for Tues/Wed, and so far the forecast looks good. Tomorrow, is a NW wind at 5-10, and sunshine. 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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