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Fishing with Matt and Jenny Jackson 5/30/2022

by Capt Juls on 05/30/22

Had an island pick up this morning, so I left the house a little bit earlier than normal, and hit Mazurik's at 4:30. My friend, Jen, was meeting me at 5am to launch me and park the trailer, so I didn't have to dig out any bumpers or ropes to use. Thanks, Jen!

It was very early when I left the launch, so I sat there in the dark until my eyes adjusted, and I could read the water. It wasn't really wavy this morning, and it was an offshore wind, so it was pretty flat for a several miles out. I expected a little more wave action up there by the islands, since it was a south wind, but it wasn't bad at all. They were 1 foot or less this morning, I think. Then, the wind laid down a little more, as each hour passed.

I picked them up at the marina at Put-in-Bay at 5:30, and we headed out. We didn't have to go far....we just scooted out of the east side of the islands, dropped the Ulterra, and baby Merc down, and set a course, at a speed of 2.5mph.

The same program with the dipsies and spoons that I have been running for several days now...
Zero setting at 25 and 27, to start...and, then, dropping them to 35 after the sun gets higher in the sky.
Two settings were at 35 and 37 to start and dropped to 40 and 50 later on.

Water temp was 65 degrees.

Bandits behind Off Shore boards ran on both sides. The port side ran at 40 and 60 back and the starboard side ran at  50 and 70 back. Colors this morning that worked were:
Blue Chrome 
Carrot Top 
Green Lantern
Chrome Furmi-Nuff

The biggest fish came on the Green Lantern, both yesterday and today. Hmmmm....I need to order more of that color, I think. I only have one of that one. :)

Matt had a hundred questions, and was taking a lot of video for his fishing buddy,   Jason Houser, who shoots and edits video for his show called, "Bone Wild TV"...which can be viewed on the Pursuit Channel, and a couple other channels on cable. I've never heard of it, and I don't have cable, so I'm going to have to look them up on YouTube.
I think we managed to answer all his questions, while a hot bite was happening. Jenny was great at reeling in, and setting the dipsies, so Matt took that opportunity to shoot a lot of videos, of her and I working the back of the boat.

We had our 18 pretty early this morning, and I had them back to Put-in_Bay by 9am. They were a lot of fun to fish with, and it was even more fun, because the weather was fantastic!  You know, one of those kind of days, where in the middle of winter, you wish for weather like this.
After we got back to the marina,  and we said our thank you and goodbyes, and I headed back to Mazurik's, where my friends, Matt and Jen, met me, to help me load out quick. Thanks, again, you two! It was very much appreciated! :)

Tomorrow looks like another decent day, wind wise, so I'll be out again with a crew that I have had to reschedule twice, due to wind. We will finally get out there. woot! woot!

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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