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Fishing with Maynard and Jody Derby 6/27/19

by Capt Juls on 06/27/19

This morning, I took my coffee out on the back deck to check the weather. I was greeted by some lightning.  A few seconds later deep rumbles of thunder growled across the sky out over the lake. "Ugh", I thought and grabbed my phone out of my robe's pocket to check the radar. I was hoping it wasn't going to ruin the plans for the morning.

It looked like it was going to be okay by the time we launched, so when I picked up Maynard and Jody at their hotel, I told them we were going to go to Big Bopper's for waste a little time before launching...I explained it was better to give this storm a little time, so we could see what path it was going to take before heading out. 

After Maynard and I both agreed it looked like the storm was staying north of us, and there wasn't anything else showing on the radar, we decided to launch and head out.  The lake was flat with just a little ripple on the surface.  It was a beautiful morning, other than a dark gray sky with lightning flashes from time to time to the north, so I got the Ranger up on plane and headed east to the Cedar Point/Huron area. I wanted to stay as south of that storm as I possibly could. 

When I turned my head and checked over my shoulder, I found the sky to the WSW was now dark too. I stopped the Ranger to look at the radar app again, and found there was a "pop-up" blob that blew up out of nowhere as it approached the lake. I said, "I think we need to go back to the dock and wait this out", and they agreed, so we went back. 

We weren't back at the dock for more than three minutes when the wind kicked up and turned the lake to one full of white caps. It was gusting out of the WNW at a minimum of 20 mph...and, quite possibly more from time to time. It was not expected or forecast on any of the wind apps, so all we could do was guess that it was just the backside of the storm cloud and it would pass...and, it did.

We headed back out to the east side of Kelly's, and I set up on a contour line in 42 foot of water. As usual, the Ulterra and Baby E-TEC did their thing. The program was the same as the day before, so there's no need for me to type it all out again, and be repetitive.... Just check yesterday's blog here:

We had our 18 walleye in short order and headed back in. We took the fish over to Bay's Edge to be cleaned, and headed back to their hotel. They would be staying in town until Sunday morning. I offered to keep their fish in my freezer, after cleaning and packaging them up, because they had no way to keep them in the hotel properly for that length of time, and I didn't want the fillets to go to waste. So, they will pick them up from my house on their way out of town, and enjoy a nice fresh fish fry when they get back to Minnesota. 

Maynard and Jody enjoyed their adventure this morning, and talked about coming back, so that makes me happy! :)

I am not fishing tomorrow. I have some things that need to be taken care of, but will be back out on Saturday.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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