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Fishing with Mike and Billy 8/8/2020

by Capt Juls on 08/08/20

After a reschedule back in July, due to wind, my crew....Mike, and Billy, from Wisconsin, were able to get a good weekend of weather for their two-day trip. They fish Green Bay a lot, but said they mostly fish with crawler harnesses, and wanted to learn how to run dipsies, and see how I run my Off Shore board set up with cranks and snap weights.

I told them to meet me at Mazurik's at 5:45, so we could launch by 6am, but they were already there waiting for me when I pulled in at 5:30. I readied the boat and got all the rods ready to go, and launched the boat at 5:45. 

The sky was clear, the air temp was 63 degrees, and the wind was non-existent. The forecast was calling for a light and variable wind for most of the day. The Sun's glow was painted the horizon in hues of purple, red, and orange. 

We made it to my first stop NE of Kelly's....about 1 1/2 miles short of the line and deployed the Ulterra and the baby ETEC to move us at a speed of 2.5-2.9mph. The sweet spot seemed to be 2.6-2.7mph when we seemed to catch more. 

We set up with the usual program I've been using for the past several weeks now.
Bandits behind Off Shore boards with 2 and 3oz weights. The 2oz were set 50/75 on both boards, and the 3oz program was 50/65 and 50/63 respectively. 
Bandit colors that did well were the Chrome Barbie, Pooh Bear, Metallic Muffin, and Attention Deficit.

The dipsies were set 65 and 94 back on the 3 setting and 54 and 60 on the 1 setting. Ever For us, a north to south, and south to north troll, was better than any other direction we tried. We caught our 18 walleye along with a bunch of little walleye, sheephead, and white bass. The pods of fish were a bit spotty today, so when we found an active pod close to the line, I just kept doing a small oval over them going north to south, or south to north, until we limited out.

We headed in around 10AM.  I drove their fish over to Bay's Edge Fish Cleaning for them and met them there. The line of anglers and coolers, waiting for their turn inside to drop fish off, was about a dozen coolers long. I'm fishing with them again tomorrow, so I asked if they had room in their car for my big cooler. They could just bring it with them in the morning when they meet me again. (I would bring the ice). They said they did, which made me happy, because then I didn't have to wait for my cooler and could get home with the boat. :)

My crew was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to more entertainment tomorrow. Looks like the wind forecast will keep me off the Canadian line tomorrow and closer to the mainland. I'm thinking Cedar Point to Huron(ish)? Hmmmm.....

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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