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Fishing Day Two with Mike and Billy 8/9/2020

by Capt Juls on 08/09/20

Got up at 2:30, grabbed a cup of coffee, and headed to the back door with Dexter right on my heels. We went out on the back deck and took in the quiet morning. As he sniffed around the yard for all the telltale signs of nightly critters that roamed last night, I checked the wind and weather forecast for the day.

The sky was clear again, temps were in the low 60's and the wind was light out of the south. I enjoyed the quiet for a while before I needed another cup of coffee, then went back into the house to take care of morning routines of getting ready to leave.

I left the house earlier than yesterday, because I knew Mike and Billy would probably be there early again.  I hit Mazurik's a little after 5AM and readied the boat, changed out leaders on the dipsey rods, and picked some different Bandit colors to try this morning. I took off a Chrome Barbie and one of the two Metallic Muffins and added Purple Mist and Blue Chrome to the lineup.

Mike and Billy showed up a little before 5:30, so we launched 15 minutes earlier than yesterday and headed out in the darker conditions. Because the wind was "off shore" the lake was rippled, but not wavy within the first few miles of land. The sky, much like yesterday, started out with a purple and red glow off to the east, which progressively got more intense as the Sun rose from below the horizon.  

We set up out in 38 feet of water, out in front of Cedar Point. The Ulterra was pointed in a northeasterly direction and the kicker pushed us along at 2.5-2.7mph.
Two Bandits were set out on each side first. The port side ran 2oz snap weights at 50/75 (total of 125' of line out) and 50/70 (total: 120), and the starboard side ran the 3oz weights at 50/75 and 50/63. 

The dipsies were the same program as before. The 1 settings were at 54 and 60 back and the 3 settings were at 65 and 94 back. (The 65 caught one nice one, but that was it, so it was eventually changed to run deeper at 80-100 back. It was changed a lot and caught fish on all the numbers.

The fish came in it wasn't a fast and furious kind of bite today, and landed 16 nice keepers. It was fun though, and the smaller walleye, sheephead, and big white bass kept them busy reeling in and setting out lines. They did much better today than they did the first day, and I hardly had to do anything except chirp up when I saw a potential tangle or problem about to happen. lol

They said they had a great time, learned a lot, and will be back again next season, so that makes me happy. 

I'm off, it's time to walk the beasty, cut the grass, and clean the boat and never ends....deep sigh.

My next trip will be on Tuesday with Jeff Overs and his Father. 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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