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Fishing with Mike and Huey 10/5/17

by Capt Juls on 10/10/17

Okay....I know, these last three blogs are late....but, I have a good excuse!  My season has officially ended out of my 2017 Ranger 621, and I was busy getting that boat ready for its new owner, and getting the 2018 Ranger 621 ordered.

However, while doing all that, I am still taking customers fishing.... I am working with Capt Kevin Swartz, who keeps his Ranger all season, and he and I are splitting the trips I book with my long as my customers are 2 persons or less.  If there are three people, then I am just recommending they contact Kevin directly, so he can accommodate all three people. :)

Mike Shepperson had fished with me early in the season...back in May, I believe, and he was back with his friend, Huey, to fish for walleye again.  I met Kevin Thursday morning at his house, and we drove over to Lemmy's Restaurant in Huron to meet up with Mike and Huey for some breakfast, before launching on the Huron River.

We launched at 7:30 and headed north out of the river as the sun was coming up on the horizon. We set up when Kevin marked some fish on his electronics and started a troll at 2.4-2.6mph into the waves. There was a slight chop on the water from a light west wind.  

We set up with a Bandit running on Off Shore boards on the outside at 20/80 with 2oz's...then, a #1 Dipsy on a 3 setting with a large spoon in the middle, and then ran a 30 Tru-Trip Jet with a large spoon on the inside corners.  Everything caught fish, so I think whatever you want to run, you'll catch some walleye right now.  And, I think it will only get better and better as the water cools off.

We ended up catching our 4 man limit by the time our 6 hours were up, and headed in.  Mike and Huey had a great time, and so did Kevin and I. It's quite nice to have a second Captain on board, because it just makes it so much easier when someone fishes exactly like you do! :)

The next "catch up" blog is about the new owner of my 2017 Ranger....

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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