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Fishing with Tim and Ed 9/23-24/17

by Capt Juls on 09/24/17

What a beautiful weekend it has been. I had a long time customer of mine, Tim McGlothlin, and his friend Ed this time. Tim normally fishes with his brother, Matt, but Matt couldn't make it, due to being the head soccer coach for his daughter's soccer team, who had games this weekend.

I picked them up each morning at the Sleep Inn and we hit Big Bopper's for breakfast before going on over to Mazurik's to launch at 6:30.  I couldn't believe that when I walked into Big B's on Saturday morning at 5:45 that there were no seats, or clean tables available for us, so I helped out and cleared a table for us to sit at.  Then, when we got to the launch at 6:30, there were already several boats launching already.  
I'm used to having the launch to myself in the mornings, so those that were launching, and leaving their headlights on while backing up, and sitting in the ramp, were really pissing me  Ugh!! Turn your lights off PLEASE! Thank you...:)

Anyway, we were headed north over the boarder each day. No need to call in...just need to make sure you have an Ontario license on you in case you get checked.  I couldn't believe that no one is fishing up there! The perch fishing is very good up there right now, and the size is really really good.  Both days, we managed 90 beautiful perch that weighed in at 38 and 37 pounds. The spot I have been fishing is not a secret's a well known perch spot that is usually being fished this time of year, so that's why I'm stunned that no one is fishing up there right now.  The "Pelee Dumping Grounds" is the area, if anyone is interested in getting on some dandy perch like we did.   

Tim and Ed had a great time, and the weather couldn't have been any could have been just a touch windier, because it was a little too calm on Saturday, which caused the little midges to invade our space. Tickley little buggers, they are!!

I'm going fun fishing in the morning for some walleye with Capt Nate, who runs the Chelsea IV. He's been wanting to fish out of my Ranger 621 for a while now, and our schedules have finally lined up for us to do just that.  From what I hear, we won't be out very long, because we only need 12 walleye, and they have been coming pretty fast for those that have been fishing for them this past week/weekend. 

My next trip is a walleye trip on Tuesday, so this is just a practice run before that, since I have been fishing perch exclusively for the past month or more, so I can get all the gear ready for their trip.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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