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Fishing with Nancy and Mary 8/12/2020

by Capt Juls on 08/12/20

Headed to the "Fisherman's Wharf" this morning for some minnows and dropped off some brownies for the guys. The Goldies were the perfect size...not too big and not too small. :)

I was meeting some repeat customers, Nancy and Mary, who were driving up from the south, near Columbus, at Catawba for a 6:30 launch. They showed up a little early, so we got a little head start and headed to D Can first to see if we could jerk up some perch there. I gave it 20 minutes with little show for it, so we moved to the north side of Green. There were, what I thought were good marks, but they weren't biting. We had 4 in the box after 1/2 hour. 

I got impatient again, so we moved to the east side of Rattlesnake Island in 28 feet of water. Again, good marks, but little action. I was beginning to think it was just a time of day thing, and at some point, during the morning they would turn on. But, I got impatient again, so we moved.

Found some hard bottom and good marks NW of the ferry dock on Middle Bass in 30 feet of water. We caught some white perch, 4 rock bass, and one more yellow perch there. I loved the spot, but didn't think it was going to happen there, so we moved....again.

This time, we moved out to the east side of South Bass and set up on more good marks. The bottom was too mushy to me, so we moved one more time.

It was a small move to the south, out in front of the monument in 29' of water. The Helix was lit up with a gazillion fish on the bottom. I was hoping they were what we were after, so we got busy fishing.  Well, we did manage to catch 70 yellow perch there, but we also probably caught three or four times as many white perch there too. The seagulls were happy with that ratio, since they were the right size to slide down their throats. So, with a quick whack in the head, (so they float), the white perch were tossed to the hungry Seagulls looking for an easy meal.

Mary managed to land an 8 pound catfish on her little ultralight rod too, and her friend back home loves catfish, so they kept that one to give to her. :)

Tomorrow....I'll be back to walleye fishing with Chuck Jones and his two buddies. The wind forecast right now, for tomorrow, is 9-10mph from the NE for the first 5 hours, and then it's supposed to pick up. Hopefully, that forecast doesn't go up anymore by morning...we shall see.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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