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Fishing with Ryan, Diane, and Chris 6/19/19

by Capt Juls on 06/20/19

Picked my crew up at their hotel at 4:45 and headed to Rickard's for some Emeralds to use for perch after we got our walleye this morning. Hit the gas station and then Mickey D's, because my crew was running behind this morning by 15 minutes, and a stop to Big B's would have made us late for a perfect sunrise on the water. 

We launched out of Mazurik's at 5:30 and a short time later we were back to the spot I was yesterday morning, and taking pictures of a beautiful sunrise.

Ryan's mom Diane has never caught a walleye before, so this trip was for her. Ryan and Chris do a lot of saltwater fishing, so running dipsies and Off Shore boards were new to all of them, and a little training was in order.  

We set up the Off Shores with both Bandits and Flicker Minnows behind you can't guess which colors...hehehe. Yeah...Blue/Chrome and Buck Fever Bandits and the Huff Daddy and Purple Flash Flicker Minnows.
The Bandits were 42 and 51 back and the Flicker Minnows were 55 and 75 back.

Speed was 2.3-2.5mph today.

The dipsies were set on the zero and three settings on both sides of the boat and we narrowed it down that the best bite was at 35 on the zero setting and 65 on the three setting. Silver spoons with either blue, green, or purple on them worked best this morning.

It was not as fast as it was yesterday, even though I was marking the same amount of fish down below. I began to get a bit nervous when we were able to get all the baits in the water before one went off, but all in all...the pace was pretty good for this crew. It took us a couple hours to get our 24 walleye, as compared to 18 yesterday in just under an hour.

Diane picked up on the training much easier than the guys, but by the time it was time to pull the walleye gear...they too were just getting the hang of it. heheh
They all had fun catching nice eater walleye, and it was time to go find some perch.

The perch were a little more difficult to find, and after two stops I said, "Let's go to the South Passage where I was my last time perch'n...there's a good chance there are some down there." So, we moved and set up on the exact spot I was on last Wednesday. Chris had the first fish on and it turned out to be a nice perch...I internally breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn't a sheepshead or a white perch. I kept my fingers crossed that this spot would pan out.

With the time we had left though, we only caught 12 nice chunky perch. The bite was picking up and I asked, "Your 6 hours is almost up, would you like to add another hour and stay out longer?" But, they needed to get back to Columbus and were more than happy with their catch today, so we headed in with our 12 perch and 24 walleye.

It was a beautiful day again today...even nicer than yesterday. The bugs are still on their way up, but this morning the Helix was showing the bottom was clearing of them, and moving up the water column. Soon, they will be flying and covering every light post in town. I noticed on my way into town this morning that all the streetlights have been turned off downtown. This will prevent mounds of dying Mayflies from covering the sidewalks and walls of businesses....a very smart move indeed.

Tomorrow's trip has been canceled. They were driving in from Iowa and wanted me to make that call yesterday afternoon. I told him that it changes daily, but that if I had to make a call on what the forecast was at that would be a no go.  He thanked me, and said he would be fishing with me again another time.

We're supposed to get hit with another 1-2" of rain tonight through tomorrow, so I have to go outside and cut my grass, or what grass I can now, before that happens.....deep sigh.

My next trip will be Friday with Tony Lubarsky and his crew.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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