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Fishing with Todd and Josh Brooksher 5/24/2020

by Capt Juls on 05/25/20

Todd and Josh Brooksher met me at Mazurik's at 5:15, and we were headed out of the launch at 5:30. We were on a mission to find big fish, and not numbers, (though both would have been nice), so I headed NE of Kelly's to see if there were fish up at the old international C can. There wasn't another boat in sight yet, so I was hoping the fish would be there, and we could get some passes in before anyone else showed up. 

I was disappointed to find the Helix showing the area void of fish, so I made the decision to move back down to Kelly Island Shoal to make a pass along the west side edge.

We trolled with Bandits anywhere from 50 to 75 back at a speed of 1.8-1.9mph, and picked up 6 eaters for the cooler.  When Josh brought his first one in, his dad said, "That's his first walleye, ever!" Josh just smiled, and explained to me about all the other fish species he's caught over the years, and how this is his first walleye. 

Josh has served 13 years in the military and was sent up for 5 tours, and told me he was hard of hearing, due to mortars going off too close, so if he asked for something to be repeated, that was why. I wanted to hug him, but this stupid virus has us all staying apart these days. 

Anyway....long story shorter....we moved to several areas around the lake that I thought might have some big fish, and we never hooked up with a big one.  After Kelly's we hit the Canadian line west of Middle Island, the north side of North Bass Island, the west side of Middle Bass, and then ran out of short of a limit.  

They had a great time, and took to running the Off Shore boards very easily, since they are both pretty skilled anglers, so that made me happy. Todd will be back in June to fish with me, and will be bringing along a friend of his. I'm looking forward to that.

Tomorrow, I am fishing with Bruce Kowalski and his friend, Chris, from Toledo. We'll be launching from Mazruik's at 5:30 again.

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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