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Lake is Chocolate Milk Right now....3/28/2022

by Capt Juls on 03/28/22

It's been blowing, snowing, and churning up the lake. The rivers are dumping mud from the previous rain too.

Tuesday, will be the first low wind day in several days, and many will be headed out to go fishing.  Finding fish willing to bite will be the issue, due to the muddy waters.

When the wind blows on shore, like it has been, it churns up the shallows and turns the water to chocolate milk.  The bite will be tough. 

Hopefully, we can get a satellite picture before Tuesday, so we can see where the cleaner water is out there, if there is any on the west end right now.  Then, it's going to blow the rest of the week again.

I had a 6 day trip that would have started yesterday, but I told them to stay home, so I won't be back out until next weekend, where I have the start of a 4 day trip with my next crew.

I will be honest with them and let them know what to expect, and let them decide if they want to drive all the way from out west to Port Clinton for a tough bite.

Hopefully, Mother Nature will start behaving and let us get back to normal fishing soon.

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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