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Perch'n with Bob and Bruce Brenton 9/21/2020

by Capt Juls on 09/21/20

Headed over to AnJ's Bait this morning to pick up some minnows at 5:45, because they open at 6am and I wanted to be in line before it got too long. He arrived at the store to open it a few minutes before 6, but then spent the next 17 minutes counting out his drawer and bringing buckets of minnows over from the next building. So, if you go there first thing in the morning, expect to be waiting....sigh.

They did however have a decent Emerald/Goldie mix at a 3:1 ratio, so it was worth the wait. :)

We launched out of Catawba at 7am and went a whole whopping 3/4 mile out and set up. There was only one other boat out there at that time, but there would soon be close to 50 boats over there by 9am.

Bruce used a spreader and Bob and I used my homemade crappie rigs (two hook rigs) with Emeralds. I told them to save the Goldies until we ran out of Emeralds first.  We fished them on the bottom, and my bottom hook caught all but two or three of the fish I caught, while Bob's higher hook caught most of his. The spreader (without any bling) was working just as well for Bruce too.

We caught our 90 in 4 hours with hours 2 and 3 being the most productive. We also caught some Gobies, Sheep, and baby White Bass too. Only one White Perch was caught, which surprised me.

It was a fun morning, and I have them again for the next three days, so we'll be perch'n all week. Woot! Woot!

The weather for the rest of the week looks fantastic, and they are a lot of fun to fish with, so I'm looking forward to it! We'll start out where we left off tomorrow, and if that dies...we'll go looking for other spots.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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