Fishing with Heather and her son, Garrett the "G-Man" 9/16/2020 : Juls WFA Blog
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Fishing with Heather and her son, Garrett the "G-Man" 9/16/2020

by Capt Juls on 09/16/20

Left the house at 5:45 and took the long way through town to go get gas and ice, before heading to Mazurik's to meet Heather and her son, Garrett at 6:45.  Capt Kevin was ahead of me, so I asked him if he could launch me, since I wasn't sure if Heather would be comfortable backing the boat in and parking the trailer. He obliged and I waited at the courtesy dock for my crew who had just shown up.

We left the dock and headed out at 7am. I went back to the SE corner of Kelly's, where I was yesterday, and set up with the same program for the most part. 

Bandits were set deep on one side and higher on the other side. 50/75 and 20/120 with 2oz on the port side and 20/45 and 30/30 with 2oz on the starboard side.

Dipsies were the usual 1 and 3 settings with the 1 setting at 54 and the 3 setting at 75 and 100 with Scorpion spoons. 

Speed was 2.2-2.5mph

One of the Bandits lost its snap weight, so it was out there at 60 back, unassisted, and caught a nice one, so I tried it without a weight again, and it didn't do anything. The other Bandits that took fish were the 20/120 and the 50/75 sets.

The spoons had the most action, and if all the smaller fish we had to toss back would have been keepers we would have been done much earlier. But, the ratio was about 4:1, so it wasn't a spectacular catching day, but it was steady enough to keep everyone from getting too bored. lol

Heather, who is a nurse, has three older children who are in, or just starting, college and Garrett, the "G-Man" is 7 years old, so she's a stay at home Mom right now and loves to take him fishing anytime she can. Her husband doesn't really like to fish, so she takes the boat out by herself, and is teaching herself how to troll on Lake Erie. She hired me to help her learn how to use the Off Shore boards and dipsies.  "G" loves to fish too, he said.  He's a smart boy, and didn't whine once when the catching wasn't all that great, and kept himself busy by using my boat towels to build a fort, or keep track of how many fish were in the cooler. :)

Heather did a great job with everything, and I have no doubt she will be able to take the knowledge she gained today and run boards on her boat with much more confidence.  At one point, "G-Man" said, "You should do this every day and teach people how to do this, this is fun!" Mom and I just looked at each other and laughed. I smiled quietly inside, because when a 7 year old boy notices your efforts you kind of feel validated. Ha!

I'm off tomorrow, and it looks like Friday is going to be another blow day, and my Saturday customer agrees with me...and, would like better conditions than a NE wind to take his daughter out on the lake, and Sunday is a scheduled day off (but it looks like a blow day right now anyway). I will be back out Monday for a 4 day perch trip with two of my annual customers looking for the elusive green and gold.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls 

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