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The Cold is Moving In This Week....2/5/2021

by Capt Juls on 02/05/21

I'm so bored. Like everyone else just trying to get through this winter, while this pandemic still thrives, doing nothing social other than walking my dogs with my friend, Jenn, and her dogs, getting groceries, and the occasional lunch out, I try to keep my sanity by thinking about the coming season. I long for warmer weather and open water!  I don't ice fish here on the big lake, and even if I did, there isn't any safe ice out there yet.

We have very cold temps for the next week or more, so that may change. But, this morning, the winds are very strong out of the SW, so any ice close to shore may break off and float away, so hopefully, there isn't anyone dumb enough to attempt it today. There always seems to be that one guy though...just say'n. lol

On the agenda during this bitter cold. I plan on taking advantage of being stuck inside and changing out all the electrical outlets in my  mobile home. They are all 30 years old now, so I figure it's better to be safe than sorry.

Something happened the other morning, that I can giggle at now, but when it happened, it freaked me out.

Long story short, my male cat Hemingway, decided that he would just choose a random wall in my workout room and take a piss. Well, he's a "high pisser", meaning he doesn't squat to pee, but rather reaches his rear end as high as he can, and lets go.  He only does this when he's feeling poorly or is mad he can't go outside.  He wasn't feeling good this time. He urinated above an electrical socket, and it dribbled in the outlet. 

I happened to get up to go pee myself, right when he was doing his dirty deed, and I heard a "Pop" and then some sizzling. I thought it sounded like a broken water line, so when I got up to go investigate, I immediately saw from the dark room, the outlet sparking and a tiny flame coming from it.  Thankfully, the electrical panel is in that room, so I could find the right switch to flip, to turn the power off to that room.

I can't imagine what would have happened had I not woke up and had to pee! So, lesson learned here....most cats will not kill you, but there is always a chance they can! Ha!

Matt and Jenn came over that morning, and Matt swapped out the outlet for a new one, and left me several more to change out the other ones too. He showed me how to hook up the wiring, which looked easy enough, so I'll be doing that for the next day or two. I have 14 I want to replace throughout the house.  I also need to re-label the electrical panel, because whoever wrote out the labels before had the worst cursive, and I can't make out any of them, except the furnace...just because it looks like it might start with an "F". lol

I know this isn't fishing related, but I thought it was kind of funny enough to share. :)

Stay warm everyone and have a great day!

Come on Spring!!

Capt Juls

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1. Walt said on 2/5/21 - 03:37PM
Thank God you are all right can't wait to get the boat in. I missed last year because of illness hope to see you out there this season.

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