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Thoughts on Spring Fishing...1/26/2021

by Capt Juls on 01/26/21

It's another crappy gray day in Ohio. The weather is spitting rain and snow this morning, but the roads are fine. Winds are out of the NE around 9mph.

There's some ice clogging up the ramps, and floating around on the lake, so it's going to need some warmer weather to open it back up again, before we can hit the open water again in our boats.

I'm going to go to the building today and putz around in the boat and clean some things up. I bought new flares, and a "Light SOS Beacon" because the old flares were out of date as of February 1st. I wanted the light beacon to replace the handheld flares, and since they were the same price, it was a no brainer. I bought replacement flares for the little gun thingy though, because they will get up higher in the sky and increase the line of sight in case I'm too far away from other boats to see the beacon. I hope to never need them. :)

Time to get busy...have a great day everyone!

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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