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Fishing Day 4 with Bob and Bruce Brenton, 10/6/2022

by Capt Juls on 10/06/22

This is a short report, because I got home so late, and had so many things to do.

We headed back to Mazurik's to launch, this morning, for Bob and Bruce's final day of Perch fishing with me.

We left a little later this morning, and headed out at 8am, instead of 7:15. This time, we went back to the north side of Kelly's and looked at the spot we had fished, in 27 feet of water, but there were no marks on the Helix showing, so we slid a little more north, and into deeper water. Fish started showing in 30 feet of water, so we stopped there. The Ulterra held us on top of the marks, but the bite was super slow in the early morning hours, and had us scratching our heads.

The only thing that kept us there, was the fact that every time I thought to myself, "We should move", one of them would catch a nice big perch. The other fact, was that these two gents had the patience of my Father, and that paid off big time, because the fish would come in spurts. 

We would get a 5-10 bite window, and then we would wait again. Then, another group would come around, and then we would wait again. But, the wait was worth it, because of the size of the perch we were catching. Bob and Bruce were having a great time when the fish bit, but were also very patient and calm when they weren't, so that made my job so much easier.

The decision to stay was a good one, because at 1:00 someone turned the light switch on, and we got into an almost up and down bite for a good 15 minutes with the big piggies.  There was a lot of excitement in the boat during that time. lol

We ended today's trip with 80 beautiful perch in the cooler, that went a total of 32 pounds at the fish cleaners. They were just a little bigger yesterday, as yesterday's weight was a .47 average, and today's was .41. :)

They said they had a great time, and can't wait to come back again next fall. This is the 6th year these two have fished a 4 day stretch in the fall with me, so we are more like family now, so I'm looking forward to it as much as they are. 

Tomorrow's perch trip has been cancelled, due to the forecast.  I'm looking at Saturday now, but haven't seen enough to make a decision yet.

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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