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Fishing with Mike, Marcus, and Brian 9/15/2020

by Capt Juls on 09/15/20

My crew was supposed to fish with me yesterday, but more strong NE winds kept us off the lake....again. But, today was forecast to be a nice day, so we met at Mazurik's at 6:45 for a 7am launch time.

(I can't help but feel such sorrow for all those folks and poor animals that have died or have been displaced because of them when I see that sun in the's heartbreaking for sure...I can only imagine the devastation left behind).

Anyhooo....I digress....

Since I hadn't been walleye fishing for the past 7days, due to wind, weather, or rescheduling, I didn't really have a starting point, so we headed east of Kelly's. We first landed over by the Huron dump...on the NE side of it, but didn't mark many fish there. 

We were set up and trolling back to the west when I got a phone call from another Capt that told me they were catching back to the west of where we were, so we picked up and moved back closer to Kelly's, and set up again.

We started with two Bandits on each side behind Off Shore boards. The port side ran 3 oz weights and the starboard side ran 2 oz weights. 50/90 and 50/80 on the port side and 50/100 and 50/75 on the starboard side.  

The usual dipsey program was set out with spoons on the 1 and 3 settings. The 1 setting was out 54 and 60 back and the 3 setting was out 75 and 100 back. The 60 was eventually brought back up to 54 also, because that setting took several fish.

Speed today ranged from hit at all speeds, so I could never really dial that in to garner a better catch rate. We would catch one, and then I would look at the speed we were going when it hit and try to keep it there, hoping to get another, but then nothing.  But, as soon as I would change up the speed either higher or lower, we would catch another one.....sigh. It was frustrating to say the least.

We ended up with 12 keepers in the box, which was only 1/2 of our 24 fish limit for the four of us, and a bunch of smaller fish that had to be let go due to their size.

The guys did a great job learning how to set the lines and watching for telltale signs of a fish on. Sometimes, those dipsies can be sneaky. A fish hits it, but if you don't see the hit it will immediately just give up and drag behind without any movement in the rod tip. If the fish doesn't "pop the dipsey", it can be hard to tell a fish is there.  The crew was checking them often to make sure little buggers weren't hanging too long.

Tomorrow's weather is looking pretty decent too. 15mph wind of the SW, a low of 50 in the morning and a high of 79 by the afternoon, and, that will work well for the area I was fishing today. I'm fishing with Heather Tinsley and her 7 year old son.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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